CAM-X Criteria: Why It’s Important to an Answering Service

Mystery Calls are the True Measure of Quality Service CAM-X conducts mystery calls on an answering service’s clients lines to evaluate the call service. Answering services are judged in areas such as courtesy, response time, accuracy, professionalism and overall knowledge of the account. The Award of Excellence is...

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How to Reduce Your Answering Service Expenses

Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Answering Service? If we’ve learned anything from the stock market crash of 2008, it is that the economy is fickle and businesses are the first to feel the pinch. The concern for cutting operational costs is at the top of every business owners mind. If you’ve hired an answering...

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How to Transition to an Answering Service

Setting Up Your Answering Service Account! You’ve made the deal, signed the agreement and have now hired an answering service. Now what? You may have asked yourself this question in past when thinking about hiring an answering service. How is this service going to seamlessly represent me if they don’t know anything...

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