5 Things You Need to Know About Caller ID Spoofing

Caller ID Spoofing: What You Need to Know 1) Caller ID Spoofing is a technique used by scammers who display misleading or inaccurate phone numbers in a recipient’s Caller ID. 2) The technology they are using allows them to use local numbers and even numbers that belong to real people. 3)  The numbers a scammer uses can...

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Call Specialist Helps Make a Good First Impression on Clients

Update on Shari’s Garden! We shared Shari Standen’s plans for the garden outside our building; well here’s the finished product! This Call Specialist helps make a good first impression on our clients here at Alliance Wireless Communications. She still goes out and weeds the flower beds and waters the plants...

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Answering Service Enhances Service Delivery with Mentoring Program

Alliance Wireless Communications’ Call Specialist Mentoring Program  Training Supervisor Kelly Shaver has developed a new Mentoring Program for our Call Specialists here at Alliance Wireless Communications. It has seen success and is another way we continue to enhance the level of service we provide our clients. What is...

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