4 Things Your Customers Never Want to Experience on the Phone

A Guide to Excellent Customer Service Over the Phone The internet might be king these days, but many customers still reach out to businesses via telephone. What happens when the phone stops ringing shapes their opinion of your company. Use this guide to learn more about the top four things customers never want to experience on...

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3 Ways Multitasking is Killing the Productivity of Your Business

Is Multitasking Killing Your Productivity Instead of Boosting It? Every small business owner knows that you need to wear a few different hats if you want to get ahead. Hiring a different staff member for every task might be possible for the big companies, but if you’re David instead of Goliath, you need to do a lot of the...

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3 Customer Service Tips for Small Businesses

90% of Consumers Will Pay More for Better Service Service is incredibly important for small businesses who want to compete with bigger companies or retailers who may have better prices. That’s because many consumers will pay when they receive better customer service as a part of their experience. Even if you think your...

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