4 Reasons Why Live Answering is Better than Voicemail

Why Live Answering is Best for Your Business When it comes to phone calls, most small business owners know that a live answering service is ideal. However, many small business owners don’t employ them because they believe that voicemail really isn’t so bad. The fact is that voicemail can hurt your business in more ways than...

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Let Live Answering Help Manage Your Seasonal Business

3 Ways a Live Answering Service Can Help You Manage Your Seasonal  Many small businesses know that high sales in the holiday months will allow them to stay open year-round, even during the slower parts of the year. For businesses only open during the holidays, though, capitalizing on every single sale in the short period of...

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Answering Service Provides Free Line in Support of Local Charity Event

Alliance Wireless Communications is Taking Reservations for Christmas Dinner! St. Francis Xavier Parish is providing a free Christmas dinner for people who are alone. This dinner will take place on December 25th at St Mary’s Catholic School at 40 Central Avenue West, Brockville. The meal will be served at 1:00pm and...

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