Why Having a 24/7 Phone Service is a Safety Net for Your Company

How an Answering Service Can Help Your Business Grow

Customers form an impression of your business from the very first time they call you. For new customers, how you operator-alliance-wireless-communicationshandle their phone call can be the difference between building a fruitful relationship and sending them into the arms of your competitors.

The problem is that not all new customers are going to call during business hours when you’re available to answer questions. Even your existing customers may need to reach you when your office is typically closed.

Hiring a 24/7 answering service for business can be a safety net that helps you grow and keeps your customers coming back to you.

No More Voicemail

When your existing customers or potential new customers pick up the phone, they don’t want to leave a message for you. What they really want is to talk to a person who can help them on the spot or give them the information they want.

The fact is that customers don’t like leaving messages for businesses; that’s true even if they call you when you’re closed. Having a 24/7 answering service for business will allow your customers to talk to a live person and avoid the voicemail void.

Make More Sales

If your customers call you when you’re closed and they want to buy a product, they may or may not leave a message. They also may or may not choose to call you back and buy the product they wanted.

When you have a 24/7 answering service for business, you won’t have to worry about losing orders. That can keep your existing customers happy, bring new ones into the fold and help you make more sales.

For most small business owners, making every possible sale is important when it comes to staying in the black. Don’t lose out on sales because you don’t have a live person answering your phone calls around the clock.

Phone-based customer service is important for small business owners who need to capitalize on every single call. Without 24/7 support, though, you could be missing out on sales and new clients that will help you build your business.

Add a 24/7 answering service for business and watch your company grow. No matter what your small business does, better customer service can always make a difference.


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