3 Signs You Need a New Phone Answering Service

Does Your Business Need a New Answering Service?

For many small businesses without a full-time receptionist, a professional phone answering service is a cost-effectiveBad-Phone-Etiquette-Habits-Alliance-Wireless-communications and efficient alternative. In theory, you should save money, have more time to focus on important tasks like getting new customers, and provide quality service to existing customers. If you’re already using a phone answering service and you’re thinking of switching, it’s likely because they’re just not cutting it. Keep reading to learn the three undeniable signs that you need to find a new phone answering service for your small business.

  1. Poor Customer Reports

A positive experience for your customers should be the top priority for an answering service. If you’ve got customers telling you they were on hold for a long time, were not given correct information or simply weren’t treated with the type of respect they deserve, it’s time for a new service for your company.

There’s absolutely no reason you should tolerate poor customer service. Over time, you’ll lose customers to competitors and your company will get a bad reputation even if you’re not the one answering the phone.

  1. No 24/7 Service

You may not be in the office 24/7, but that doesn’t stop your customers from calling after hours. For many people, after hours is the only time they can make personal phone calls because they have work to do themselves.

If your answering service doesn’t have somebody there 24/7 to field calls, it’s time to make the switch. Having a live person answer your calls around the clock can help turn those first calls into money in your pocket.

  1. Lack of Service

When you hire an answering service to handle calls for your small business you are their customer. When you pick up the phone to call them with a question, do you get somebody on the line? Can they help you straighten a problem out quickly and efficiently?

If your answering service can’t handle helping you with billing issues, supplying call recordings from your customers, or fielding any of your other concerns, what makes you think they’re doing better with customers calling your company?

Hiring an answering service can be a major boon to any small business, and for many, the costs are almost immediately offset—but you still need the right answering service. If your current service doesn’t value your customers, can’t provide around-the-clock service or doesn’t offer you quality support, it’s time to switch today.


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