3 Ways an Answering Service Can Help Your Real Estate Business

Real Estate Agents: Get Professional Answering for Your Business

Selling real estate can be a lucrative business, but it requires anybody in the game to hustle from appointment toreal-estate-answering-alliance-wireless-communications appointment and client to client all day. When you have multiple listings, it can be hard to find time to do basic things like eat lunch or answer incoming phone calls.

While you might have your cell phone at hand, answering calls all day just isn’t possible — at least if you do not want to be rude to your existing clients. That’s where an answering service can be particularly helpful.

Build a Professional Appearance

As a real estate agent, you know that looks matter. How things look isn’t just important when it comes to selling homes though. When potential clients call you, they want you to appear professional because they want to hire a professional.

When you have a person answering the phone for you, taking messages and accepting appointment requests, you can appear as professional as the biggest agents, even if you’ve just started your career.

Around the Clock Callers

If you run any sort of advertisement, including the signs on commercial buildings or in front of residential homes, people are going to see your name around the clock. If they decide to call you at 9:30 at night, chances are that call will go right to voice mail, where it will remain unanswered until morning.

Making customers wait to talk to a live person is not what you want, and it could prompt a potential client to look elsewhere in the meantime. If there is a longer delay between the initial call and your return phone call, they could even feel like they were slighted.

When you have an answering service working for you, you will have a live human voice on the other end of the line 24/7. They may not be you, but they can make sure you get messages while helping you retain new clients.

Sales Begin Immediately

You know that a sale can be lost in an instant when it comes to real estate. So why put your phone calls in the hands of a regular secretary, or worse, let them go to voice mail?

Hire an answering service with receptionists trained in working with customers so you can close the sale.


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