3 Ways a Live Answering Service is Better than Automated Answering

Pulling Away from the “Press 1 to Continue” Method of Doing Business

As a small business owner, you know that customer service needs to be a top priority if you want to compete with Call-Forward-No-Answer-and-Call-Forward-Busy-alliance-wireless-communicationsother small businesses, as well as those with bigger advertising budgets and a larger staff. So why would you put your customers on hold as soon as their phone stops ringing?

Despite customer service concerns, that’s exactly what you’re doing if your customers have to play the dial-a-prompt game before they can get anybody on the phone. It’s even worse if your customers have to leave a message and wait for you to return their call after being put on hold.

If you want to compete with bigger brands and build your small business, getting away from the “press 1 to continue” method of doing business can help.

Pull Back the Prompts

Instead of having your customers dial their way through a series of push-button prompts when they call you, consider having a live person answer the phone. While a full-time staff member might be a bit costly, using a phone answering service will provide you the same service with considerably less cost attached.

A phone answering service can also be there to take calls for your company 24/7 — even when you’re closed. That means that customers who call after hours won’t need to leave a voicemail and hope for a return phone call sometime the next day.

Create a Human Connection

When you hire a phone answering service, you’re doing more than just keeping customer phone calls from going to voicemail. You’re starting to build a human connection with potential customers that know little about your company.

First impressions matter for a small business. Having a real person answer the phone will give your company a professional appearance and set a high bar for customer service. That’s exactly what your potential customers and existing customers are looking for, and it’s why they’ll return to you time and time again instead of looking elsewhere.

Provide a Better Customer Experience

Everything you do impacts how your customers view your company. When you have a real person answering the phone and customers don’t have to make their way through a dozen prompts, you’re showing customers how much you value them and their time.

In a world where the customer isn’t always right, your small business can be a bastion of quality customer service.


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