3 Ways to Make Sure You’re Choosing the Right Answering Service

Guide to Choosing the Right Answering Service

Having a live person to answer the phone for your company can make the difference between a big sale and a newhow-to-answer-a-customer-service-call-alliance-wireless-communications customer, or a lost customer that turns to one of your rivals across town. The person that you have answering the phone plays a major role in converting potential customers into paying customers as well.

Answering services are often ideal for small businesses who don’t need a full-time receptionist in the office, but picking the right company isn’t always easy. Use this guide to make sure you’re choosing the right answering service for your small business.

1. Do They Offer the Right Services?

Not all answering services offer the same things to their customers, which is why not all answering services are right for your company. Before hiring somebody, consider what your business truly needs.

Do you need 24/7 call answering so customers never get an answering machine? What about customer service representatives that can handle appointments and bookings for new and existing customers?

Make sure any answering service you’re going to work with can provide everything you need to help your business grow.

2. Are They Using Skilled Customer Service Representatives?

The person who answers the phone when a potential customer or existing customer dials your number can make or break a deal for you. That’s why you need trained customer service representatives that know how to handle customers in a friendly, positive and truly helpful way.

Customer service representatives that know how to talk to customers when something goes wrong, whether it’s your fault or not, are also important.

3. Is Pricing Clear and Straightforward?

Paying an answering service that helps your company grow makes sense, especially since you’ll save money over hiring a full-time in-office receptionist. Not all answering services make pricing obvious and straightforward though.

Are there overage charges for heavy call volumes? Do you pay extra for evening or 24-hour call service?

Any answering service worth dealing with will make it clear why you’re paying what you’re paying without trying to take every nickel and dime from you that they can.

For many small businesses, hiring an answering service makes sense from a financial and customer service perspective. They’re not all created equal, so make sure you know the answers to these questions before you hand over the phone.


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