3 Ways Multitasking is Killing the Productivity of Your Business

Is Multitasking Killing Your Productivity Instead of Boosting It?

Every small business owner knows that you need to wear a few different hats if you want to get ahead. Hiring a MULTIPLE-PHONES-alliance-wireless-communicationsdifferent staff member for every task might be possible for the big companies, but if you’re David instead of Goliath, you need to do a lot of the hard work on your own to end up in the black.

The problem is that taking on so many different tasks each day can actually wear you a bit too thin. Over time, multitasking and trying to do eight jobs at once can actually kill your productivity instead of helping you get more done.

You’re More Easily Distracted

When you spend all of your time quickly trying to jump from task to task, it stands to reason that your brain will get used to that sort of activity. That can lead to an inability to focus and an increased likelihood that you’ll get distracted when trying to finish any task, particularly one you’re not thrilled to be doing in the first place.

With e-mail, telephone calls, in-person distractions and retail customers, it can be hard enough to avoid distraction without setting yourself up for it.

Less Brain Efficiency

Multitasking doesn’t mean spending your time wisely anymore. In fact, it means that your brain won’t work as efficiently at any one task, actually forcing you to spend more time just to get things done.

Avoid multitasking, especially if you’re doing two complicated tasks that require your attention when you need to get them done in a tight time frame.

Reduced Work Quality

When you’re trying to work on a handful of different tasks at once, your brain has a harder time filtering out irrelevant information. That can result in completed tasks, but tasks that are done poorly and with mistakes.

Why do two things poorly when you could do one well? With so many different types of stimuli bombarding us each day, it can be hard to avoid multitasking. Still, your best bet is to focus on one task at a time and get it done efficiently and correctly.

When possible, look for ways to decrease your responsibilities, like hiring a call service to answer the phone. Even taking one thing off your plate each day can make it easier to focus and be truly productive.


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