3 Ways Telephone Answering Services Are Still Relevant

Are Answering Services a Thing of the Past?

The average small business owner has a handful of ways to communicate practically at the touch of a button. Fromanswering-services-are-still-relevant-alliance-wireless-communications smart phones with e-mail, to portable tablets, to laptop computers that make it possible to communicate on the go, many wonder if the concept of a live answering service is a thing of the past.

The answer is a resounding no. While e-mail and portable technology can help you communicate with customers, they just can’t take the place of a real human voice on the other end of the line.

Keep reading to learn why a live answering service won’t ever be replaced — at least not any time in the immediate future.

The Human Touch

E-mail, text message and voice mail are all part of how most small business owners work these days. The fact is that nothing can replace that human voice when a customer calls your company for the very first time.

If a customer calls you with an inquiry or wants to hire you or place an order and she gets your voice mail, there’s a real chance she will go right to your competition. Perhaps she will think about calling back later and then just not get around to it. We all know that happens — almost every one of us has probably done it before.

Don’t lose business because you don’t have a live person answering the phone.

Avoid Voice Mail

Customer and client schedules are not always predictable. In an ideal world, your potential new customers or clients would only try to reach you during business hours, but that just isn’t practical.

When you hire an answering service, you can have a real person on the other end of the line 24/7. That’s particularly important if you’re selling a product that can be purchased immediately.

Consider Client Concerns

Your clients and customers are going to have concerns, or may want to speak with somebody about an ongoing project from time to time. If they’re always getting your voice mail or waiting for you to get back to your desk to reply to e-mail, that can get frustrating.

When you hire a live answering service, you’ll have somebody to field complaints and take scheduling requests. That means a lot when it comes to putting customers at ease and providing the best service possible.  


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