4 Reasons Why Live Answering is Better than Voicemail

Why Live Answering is Best for Your Business

When it comes to phone calls, most small business owners know that a live answering service is ideal. However,benefits-of-a-live-answering-service-alliance-wireless-communications many small business owners don’t employ them because they believe that voicemail really isn’t so bad.

The fact is that voicemail can hurt your business in more ways than you might think. Keep reading to learn the four reasons why voicemail will never be better than live answering.

1. Customers Prefer Human Interaction

When a customer picks up the phone to call a business, they want to talk to a real person. In fact, there are a host of studies out that say customers who get your voicemail, especially during business hours, immediately form a negative opinion of your brand.

Many customers won’t leave messages, either. Instead, they’ll hang up the phone and look elsewhere for a service or product that somebody else surely provides.

2. Lead Generation Is Difficult Enough

Your existing customers don’t love voicemail, but potential customers that want to talk about your service or product especially prefer speaking with a live human. Many potential customers will simply hang up the phone if they get voicemail. Lead generation is difficult enough without missing out on potential customers.

Those leads that your advertising or in-person promotional efforts generated won’t be worth nearly as much if you don’t have somebody to answer the phone for you.

3. You Can’t Capitalize on Potential Sales

If you’re selling a product, you really need a live person answer the phone for you. Ideally you should have a 24/7 live answering service. For small business owners who can’t afford to miss out on revenue, having voice mail in place is just making your job harder.

Get a live answering service and you’ll start making more valuable sales.

4. Your Customers Deserve Better Service

Providing quality customer service around the clock is essential for small businesses that want to compete with the big boys. Without a real person answering the phone, though, that task becomes much more difficult.

If you want to give customers a special experience and a reason to come back to you, greeting their phone calls with a voicemail recording isn’t the way to do it. Hiring a live answering service is.

Voicemail is simply not the ideal solution for a small business. If you want to retain customers and grow, you need a live answering service.


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