5 Reasons to Rethink Virtual Receptionists

The Benefits of Using the Virtual Receptionist Service from a Telephone Answering Service

Most large companies need a receptionist on staff. For them, it makes sense to hire somebody to sit at a desk andrethink-virtual-receptionists-alliance-wireless-communications answer calls. That isn’t always the case for a small business with less than 25 employees. 

Virtual receptionists sometimes get a bad reputation among business owners. For the most part, the stories you hear about a bad virtual receptionist are stories of one bad apple spoiling the lot. Keep reading to learn the top five reasons to rethink using a virtual receptionist for your business.

  1. You’ll Save Money

Hiring a receptionist to sit at a desk in your office space during business hours is going to cost you at least eight hours of pay. If you want somebody that’s going to do a decent job on the phones, you’re going to pay a considerable amount to them each week. When you hire a virtual receptionist, your hourly rate will be greatly reduced. You’ll still get quality service and each and every call that comes your way will be answered. You will just pay less per call and per hour. 

  1. 24/7 Service

Even if you did hire a receptionist to sit in your office during business hours, you’d still be crazy to pay somebody 24/7. When you use a virtual receptionist instead, you can have 24/7 call answering for a fraction of what you would pay a live person in your office space. If you run a business where emergencies come up and customers need to reach you, having a 24/7 receptionist is essential.

  1. Sales Skills Matter

The average receptionist perusing classified advertisements doesn’t have exceptional sales skills. When you hire the right virtual receptionists for your company, you’ll get somebody that can actually help entice customers before they get on the phone with you. What business owner would want a receptionist that drove customers away with a lack of sales skills?

  1. Customers Complain

Even if your company does great work you can’t avoid irate customers. Do enough work and a few will come your way. Skilled virtual receptionists are trained to handle angry customers so you don’t lose their business for good.

  1. Call Monitoring

You probably don’t have time to sit on the other line and listen to your receptionist answer calls. If you did, you would just answer the calls yourself! When you hire a virtual receptionist service calls can be recorded and monitored by you and management. That way you can guarantee you’re getting the quality receptionist services you need.


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