5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Virtual Receptionist

5 Advantages of Having a Virtual Receptionist

1) Flexible – Your Virtual Receptionist can answer for your business all day, all night or just during peak hours. You operator-alliance-wireless-communicationscan decide when you want the virtual receptionist to take over answering your phones and can be de-activated when required. Perhaps you’d like calls answered during lunch breaks or during a peak period when your in-office staff is overloaded with incoming calls.

Features such as call forward/no answer can be placed on your phone line 24/7 which will route your line into the answering service after a pre-determine ring or call forward/busy can be used in the event all of your phone lines are being used or are overloaded with incoming calls.

2) Save Money – With a Virtual Receptionist you pay by the second and only when your line rings. As a business, you’re always seeking to minimize your overhead costs. This includes payroll. You may not have the money to hire a receptionist full time or perhaps you do not have enough incoming calls to justify hiring someone. However, your current staff is already working at capacity without the added distraction of answering telephones. A virtual receptionist can alleviate that stress by handling inbound calls 24/7 whether your team is in the office or working remotely. Unlike in-office staff, you do not have to pay benefit costs, recruiting costs, vacation, sick days, snow days, raises, etc. Your Virtual Receptionist is available 24/7 to take calls, no matter what. Make sure your answering service works closely with you to ensure you are on the right rate plan. 

3) Customizable – An answering service account with the Virtual Receptionist feature is highly customizable to suit your every need. A criteria form will be sent to you to gather specific information about your business including: staff contact names, numbers and emails, what type of calls the answering service will be getting, what information you want their operators to collect from the callers, and what you want them to do with the messages after they take them (forward them to your On-Call personnel through SMS text message for example).

4) Seamless Representation – With today’s technology, employing an answering service as a virtual receptionist will allow seamless representation. All information can be readily available at the call specialist’s fingertips. Your line can be customized under your exact instructions to ensure your off site receptionist will relay and secure accurate information.

5) Call Recordings – Most answering service companies today offer the added benefit of call recordings allowing complete transparency. These calls are immediately available for your review for your own quality control measures. You have the added peace of mind knowing that your callers are being taken care of in a professional, personal manner, the same way you would treat them.


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