5 Tips on Cell Phone Courtesy Month

July is National Cell Phone Courtesy Month

At our Telephone Answering Service we are all about courtesy and so we would like to share 5 tips with you aboutcellphone-courtesy-month-alliance-wireless-communications how to courteously use your cell phone.

#1 When in public, keep your conversation quiet and brief. At least until you can move to a more private area to take your call that won’t disrupt the people around you.

#2 Keep your eyes on the road and don’t use your cell phone while driving. Choose a hands-free option like Bluetooth to remain focused on driving. Ideally, your vehicle should not be moving while you’re using your cell phone.

#3 If you are asked to turn your phone down or off it’s best to do so. No one likes those “Tommy Texters” in movie theaters. Most establishments will have messages posted informing you of their cellphone usage policies. However, in some venues (like a Church for example) turning your phone down or off is understood to be respectful and something that should always be done.

#4 Be present when having an in-person conversation with someone. Refrain from constantly checking your phone while someone is speaking to you. It’s rude and can make that person feel that you’re not interested in what they have to say.

#5 Utilize text messaging to limit your inbound and outbound calls.

Alliance Wireless offers Call Triage with our Virtual Receptionist services! With a virtual receptionist you can be assured you will get the important calls when you need to, with the ability to patch live calls to your cell or dispatch emergency calls using SMS or email and a confirmation period. You have complete control of your calls and can choose to handle them as required. Think of Alliance as a triage for your calls, allowing you the convenience of handling non-urgent calls when you have more time. 


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