5 Tips on How to Answer a Customer Service Call

The Anatomy of a Perfect Customer Service Call

The way a customer service representative answers the phone can make the difference between a sale to a new clienthow-to-answer-a-customer-service-call-alliance-wireless-communications or a bad review. Most businesses’s understand that part of their reputation is created by how customers and potential customers are treated over the phone.

The internet has become a great place for people to endorse and slam businesses based on their customer service experience.  

Being a professional Business Answering Service, we understand how to answer phones and to do so in a manner that will retain your reputation with your clients.

Here are 5 Tips on How to Answer a Customer Service Call:

#1 Ring Count

If you answer a ringing phone with 0-3 rings that is excellent! Anything longer than that you’re risking the customer feeling that they are unimportant or that your business is closed!

#2 The Greeting

Answer the phone with a positive attitude and demonstrate genuine interest in what the person on the other line has to say.

You always need to have a pleasant, helpful attitude throughout the call. This may be the callers first impression of this company, this could be the one and only chance to make a good impression on behalf of the company. If a customer is left with a poor impression, guaranteed they will tell a lot of people.

#3 Service

Ask the right questions, ones that are relevant to what the customer is saying. This will be proof to show them that you are paying attention to what they’re saying to you. Don’t forget your manners! Please and Thank You go a long way. Limit using slang on a call like “Nope, Ain’t, Okey Dokey, etc” as they are not professional to use in a working environment.

Also, don’t rush through the call. Enunciate and speak at an appropriate pace.

#4 Message Taking

If you can immediately assist the caller make sure to take a clear and concise message to pass along to the appropriate person if they can’t be reached right away. Always clarify the caller’s name and phone number. There’s nothing worse than an inaccurate message especially when you are trying to make a sale.

Kelly Shaver, Training Supervisor: “We always need to either ask for the spelling and then repeat it or just simply confirm the name by spelling it to the customer. Especially in today’s electronic society, customers are often entered into the computer via their name. If you don’t have the correct spelling of their last name, the company will have difficulty looking up their information.”

#5 Closing the Call

If you’ve taken a message, make sure to reiterate to the caller what their message is and what you intend to do with it. This will allow the caller to add anything they’ve missed, correct any misinformation and be reassured that their message will be delivered and their issue is in the process of being solved. 


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