5 Ways to Increase Business with an Answering Service

Gain More Business Using a Telephone Answering Service

#1 Give customers 24/7 access to potential customers calling into your business. An answering service can answer5-ways-to-increase-business-with-an-answering-service-alliance-wireless-communications your phones during busy hours when your staff cannot answer the phone, during after hours when your location is closed and on weekends and holidays! A missed call represents an opportunity lost, whether you are a plumber,electrician, lawyer or doctor or other service provider/professional. When a potential client calls they need the assurance that they can reach your office. Different time zones can be handled with transparency. For examples if someone from the PST calls after 5:00pm EST, they may not realize that they are 3 hours behind but they will still receive someone on the other end of the phone that can assist them.

#2 Virtual receptionists can handle appointment bookings, reservations,cancellations and company inquires. Call services such as the Virtual Receptionist give you an office presence when you are on the road or busy with other clients, this ensures you don’t miss any opportunities.

#3 Call Forward/Busy means that if all lines are being utilized, calls will be diverted to the answering service as opposed to the caller getting a busy signal and going to your competitor. Therefore, this is a great way to increase business!

#4 Call Forward/No Answer means that if you are on the line with a potential client the phone will also ring into the answering service after a pre-determined ring so you can continue with that call and know that new business will be attended to in a professional manner.

#5 An answering service can perform order entry/processing for your business. A caller can be confused by the online ordering process or hesitant to leave their credit card details online due to security reasons and would much rather leave it with a live person representing your company and processing the order for them. This will increase your business 24/7!


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