A Dr. and His Pager: An Alliance Paging Success Story

Alliance Wireless Customer of Over 45 Years!

Reliable service; it can be difficult to find these days. Especially if you’re using technology that many providers areDr-Johnston-and-Mike-Crossman-Alliance-Wireless-communications rendering obsolete and investing little time in updating.

Meet Dr. Johnston: an Obstetrician/Gynecologist currently practicing in the Kingston area. Here he is pictured below (on the left) with Alliance Wireless Vice President Mike CrossmanHe received his first pager with Alliance Wireless Communications back in 1968. Since then he has only upgraded twice. The second time being last week when we upgraded his pager to our new stronger service after using our original local paging service for over 20 years.

Alliance had a chance to sit down with Dr. Johnston and get an understanding of what a pager really means to someone in his profession. He said: “My pager is my lifeline. Perhaps not my lifeline per say but that of my patient. I can’t be tied to a telephone. I need to be there when emergencies happen.”

With paging becoming less popular in recent years, he addressed why he hasn’t stopped using his pager all together and upgraded to using a cellphone. He explained that: “There are ways for people to break into cellphones and steal patient information.” His concern for patient confidentiality is one of the reasons he still uses his pager with Alliance. He can rely on our service to uphold his standards of confidentiality.

Dr. Johnston has been a customer for over 45 years. He attributes his time with us to the reliability of our servicesHis wife is ill and he relies on his pager to receive messages from her if there’s an emergency. He also values speaking to an actual person when in need of support. At Alliance he has always received that courtesy.

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