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Alliance Wireless Telephone Answering Service

Always There, Always Prepared and Always First Rate!

Alliance Wireless has been answering phones since 1948! We are a family-owned business with an internationally recognized level of professional service. 

Alliance Wireless offers customized answering solutions tailored to our client’s individual needs. You may need us to simply take a message and relay to proper personnel or process orders, answer FAQ’s or provide Level 1 Technical Support. Alliance Wireless offers straight Telephone Answering Service which includes basic message handling and dispatching to a more complex and enhanced service referred to as Call Center Services.

Whatever your needs, one of our specialists will work closely with you to understand and determine your requirements and carefully customize your account to your exact instructions. Prior to answering you can view and confirm account set up before training begins so all Operators are knowledgeable and prepared when your line rings.

With our award winning Telephone Receptionists and streamline technology your clients will have a unique experience and your business will be represented in a professional, transparent and efficient manner.

One Rate Plan Does Not Suit All

Alliance Wireless offers a variety of rate plans for both our Telephone Answering and Call Center Services that will suit everyone’s needs and anyone’s budget. All rate plans are based on 24/7 access allowing you to randomly call forward, call forward after hours or around the clock. We work closely with our clients ensuring they are on the best rate plan which can be increased or decreased depending on the nature of their business.

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Service Second to None

Backed by numerous awards Alliance Wireless’ Telephone Receptionists have consistently received the National CAM-X Award of Excellence for 17 consecutive years of outstanding service, earning the Platinum Plus Award in 2016 in addition to being selected for the coveted ATSI Award since 2003!

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On-Line Access to all Call Recordings

We are part of your team so have the convenience of listening to each and every call handled by our Operators. Log onto our website and see message details immediately stamped with time and date. Simply click on the speaker beside the call and you will instantly hear both sides of the conversation. Review calls randomly for your own quality control measures or when required for your own verification purposes.

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Texting saves $$$$

With the added convenience or texting call details you will save on billable talk time. All calls can be immediately texted as outlined by you, promptly followed by a call to your staff for urgent calls or other calls that require immediate attention or we can set you on a confirmation period. If your staff does not confirm within pre-determined time frame our system will automatically notify Operators and on-call or back up will be reached. This saves on live talk time and operator time spent on your account.

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