Alliance Wireless Call Specialists Help Local Charity

TP The Town

Shawna McCaugherty, a Call Specialist at Alliance Wireless Communications, collected donations of toilet papertp-the-town-alliance-wireless-communications from our staff for TP The Town. I spoke with her about what this cause is all about.

1) What is TP The Town?

“TP The Town is an event my friend Morgan Pierce came up with – he went to the Food Bank and he was speaking with one of the organizers and asked what products they wished they had more of and they said ‘toilet paper’. He was shocked because it is such a simple thing which we take for granted everyday. He never thought that toilet paper would be something they needed more of. He came up with TP The Town to gather enough toilet paper to give back to the people in our community who are less fortunate. This is the third year TP The Town has been running.”

2) How much toilet paper was donated?

“Last year they had 100,000 rolls donated. This year they are shooting for 125,000.”

3) Who will be receiving these donations?

“The people in the community who are less fortunate and can’t afford the simple toiletries we take for granted every day will be getting the toilet paper. The donations they receive should last them a whole year.”

4) Why did you get involved with this charity?

“I got involved with this charity because it’s a great cause. Toilet paper is something that you just don’t think of. We think of food, water, clothes, etc. but never toilet paper. We take it for granted and again it’s just a great cause to be apart of and I was helping a friend out raising awareness for the charity. I have donated the past three years but never got my fellow employees involved so it was so much more rewarding bringing in 452 rolls just with us here at Alliance.”

5) How long does this campaign run for?

“This charity usually runs from the end of May to early June. Many companies across Kingston are involved and have pyramids of toilet paper in their offices and other large companies like Walmart, Valu-Mart and Metro have drop-off locations for people in the community to make a donation. You can also donate anytime of the year to the Food Bank.”

Please visit their Facebook Page TP The Town.


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