Answering Service Essentials: Call Forward/No Answer and Call Forward/Busy

Increase Your Sales Opportunities with These Features

Your business is thriving, your phones are ringing off the hook. There is so much interest in your products andCall-Forward-No-Answer-and-Call-Forward-Busy-alliance-wireless-communications services that your in-office staff are overwhelmed by the in-coming calls. Potential customers are put in a long waiting-cue, directed to voice mail, or even worse…receive a busy signal!

Studies show that almost 75% of people who reach a voice mail will simply hang up and call a competitor who actually answers the phone. That’s 75% of a potential customer-base that your business is missing out on! A telephone answering service may be your solution. With 24/7 service 365 days a year, an answering service can expand your business’s sales reach and extend the hours of your business’s customer service without you needing to hire more in-office staff.

Among the valuable services that an answering service can provide your business, call forward/no answer and call forward/busy are invaluable features to add to any business.

Call Forward/No Answer

At Alliance Wireless, this feature can be programmed into your line 24/7. It is set to a predetermined ring, so if you are busy with a customer or on the other line, after the 3rd or 4th ring (predetermined by you) your line will automatically route to the toll free number we can assign to your business.

Call Forward/Busy

This feature can also be programmed into your line 24/7. If all your lines are being utilized, your customers will never receive a busy signal because they will be diverted to our phone lines seamlessly.

The Benefits

These two features are most helpful when your office is experiencing an overflow of in-office calls. If all your lines are being utilized or if you and/or your staff are on the line with a customer and the phone is ringing and you cannot pull away because you need to provide the current customer with your undivided attention, those overflow calls will divert to the answering service. Therefore, your customers won’t have to hear an annoying busy signal again! The telephone answering service can act as your business’s Virtual Receptionist.

After-hours when your business is closed, you can override these two features with regular call forwarding so your line rings into the answering service on the first ring making for a prompter answer. This can also save you the additional expense of getting extra phone lines and you only pay if the answering service is actually working for you (answering the phone).

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