Answering Service Tips: Don’t Lose Good Customers over Bad Service

How You Can Keep from Losing Business Because of Bad Customer Service

Customer service plays a huge role when it comes to getting new customers to buy from your business or use your UPSET-MAN-alliance-wireless-communicationsservice. It also means a great deal to return customers who could go elsewhere if your company doesn’t live up to expectations.

Customer service isn’t just about the work you do. Providing excellent customer service starts the moment anyone speaks to a client on the phone on behalf of your company.

Keep reading to learn more about how you can keep from losing potential customers and return customers because of bad customer service.

Making Customers Wait

When a customer calls a business on the phone, they want immediate help with a problem or to learn more about your product or service. If they were only partially interested, they might send an e-mail or put it off for another time altogether.

Making customers wait is about more than just long wait times on the phone. Customers also dislike being unable to talk to a person or having to go through a long series of prompts to just to speak to a human being.

According to a survey conducted by American Express, 67% of people say they will hang up the phone if they aren’t able to speak to a live agent. Can you afford to lose 67% of your potential business because you don’t have a live person answering the phone instead of a machine?

Not Having the Answers

Customers don’t build trust in a company when they pick up the phone with a question only to get a representative who can’t answer it. Even difficult questions need to be answered right away to satisfy most customers, even if that means taking the time to find the answers and calling the customer back.

Telling a potential customer “I don’t know” isn’t an option.

Saying the Wrong Things

“You’re wrong,” “I can’t help,” and “I’m not sure” are things that your customers should never hear. Without the right people on the end of the line, you could lose customers to those three deadly phrases.

Hire a Qualified Answering Service

To make sure your customers get the best service from the first phone call, you need a qualified answering service with well-trained representatives on your team. That way your customers won’t have to wait through prompts, leave a voice mail or hear phrases that make them lose confidence in your business.


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