Answering Services for a Services Business

Choose Alliance Wireless for Your Small Business

Award Winning Telephone Answering Service!

Alliance Wireless are Industry Leaders providing premier answering since 1948. We are proud recipients of the prestigious 2016 Platinum Plus Award of Excellence from CAM-X and coveted ATSI Award winners since 2003!

Alliance Wireless offers a completely custom solution. Your phones can be automatically set up to transfer calls to us or you can maintain the control of when you would like us to answer.

Virtual Receptionists
Professional Answering and customized solutions allow for a seamless transfer of your calls to Alliance Wireless. We are your specialized receptionist 24/7 with immediate message notification via email, text, phone or scheduled recaps. We can take your calls during regular business hours, after hours, during busy periods or 24/7 and you only pay when your line rings!

Call Forward/No Answer
Call forward/no answer is a simple solution that forwards your phone automatically if you are unable to answer the phone in a predetermined number of rings. This is perfect for those times when you just can’t get to the phone or have a customer in need of your attention.

Call Forward/Busy
Never have your customers hear a busy signal again. Calls automatically route to Alliance Wireless in the event you are on the phone. We are able to handle multiple simultaneous calls for our clients, it’s like having your own switchboard without all of the cost for additional lines. We can pick up the extra traffic for you during your busiest peaks.

Manual Forwarding
Keep control of when we answer and use us as much or as little as you choose. With manual forwarding you simply send your calls to us when you need to. No more hurried lunches or take a few extra minutes to complete your work in peace while we handle your calls.

Flexible Message Delivery (Email, Fax, SMS Text, Call-In etc.)
Convenience is our focus. When we take a message for you we need to get you the information in a fast, reliable and above user friendly fashion. Alliance Wireless can deliver your messages using email, SMS text messaging or fax, if that isn’t convenient you can collect your own messages through our web portal or just call in and have one of our friendly operators relay the call to you.

Online Message Recordings
Alliance Wireless records all of your calls whether you need to retrieve them to verify information or for quality control. Every call we take is recorded and archived for up to 3 months.

After Hours Customer Service
Customized accounts and unlimited amounts of information allow our Customer Service Representatives the ability to assist your callers after hours. Calls can be screened, necessary information secured and dispatched to appropriate personnel if required. Additionally, our Telephone Answering Service records all calls which are available for verification in the event surcharges need to be relayed prior to reaching your on-call.

Toll Free Services
Exclusive Toll free telephone numbers that work throughout North America are provided for call forwarding purposes to avoid long distance fees from your location to ours with the option of advertising this number at no additional cost. Vanity numbers can also be investigated.

Order Taking
Never miss another opportunity! Our Operators can process orders via your website, provide product information, answer FAQ’s, up-sell, cross-sell, and track sales.

We can link your website to your answering account and our Call Specialists will take orders from customers. When provided with a username and password, Alliance Wireless can also track these transactions for you to access and review.

We can answer multiple lines for you with seamless representation. Your business’s sales will increase with your 24/7 Alliance Wireless telephone answering service!


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