Benefits Consultant Bryce Parisotto on Why He Uses an Answering Service

Answering for Benefits Consulting Plus Inc. 

What’s the name of your business?Bryce-Parisotto-alliance-wireless-communications

Benefits Consulting Plus Inc.

How long have you had that business?

Since July 2010.

How long have you personally worked in the financial sector?

Over 17 years.

Why do you do what you do? What do you like about it?

I help businesses attract and retain great employees! I like that every day I interact with different businesses and different people and no two days are the same.

What types of things motivate you?

What motivates me is helping people access affordable health and dental coverage. These benefits help businesses protect their employees and in turn their employees are protecting their families from unforeseen expenses. Seeing first-hand the positive impact employee benefits has had on my client’s lives is definitely a motivating factor for me.

What are some of the challenges that you face at your job?

Probably the biggest challenge is juggling all of the different things I need to do on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. I’m committed to providing my existing clients with excellent service including quick turnaround times and I’m also committed to meeting new clients and growing my business. My ability to effectively balance the time between these areas is important to me, my clients, and my business.

So time management is a big deal?

Absolutely time management is very important. One of the key reasons I decided to work with Alliance Wireless is because you help me manage my time more effectively. The answering service e-mails me my client’s message within minutes of their call. I receive the details of the call and I’m able to quickly and easily respond to my clients in between meetings. When I return to the office I have more time to put toward meeting with new clients.

So, what were the types of challenges you faced before hiring an answering service?

Before the answering service I checked voice mail messages. If I had a few minutes between appointments I would phone into voice mail and write down message details. I promise you that this is a much less efficient use of time than reviewing a message that was taken by the answering service. 

Did you foresee these benefits of having an answering service before you hired Alliance Wireless?

As my business grew I began to realise I was outgrowing the traditional voice mail system. I like that the answering service allows me to have an actual person answer my client’s phone calls. This is a nice touch I’m pleased to offer my clients. In fact, a number of times people have asked me if I have hired someone to work with me in the office! That’s a big compliment to Alliance Wireless, obviously the professionalism that you provide when answering my incoming calls gives the appearance that you are a member of my staff.

It sounds like with the work that you do you’re working with pretty sensitive information and relationships that require a lot of trust with your business. It’s important that your clients feel secure leaving information and confident that you’ll call them back.

Alliance is a great business partner! I have every confidence in your professionalism and that you respect every client’s right to privacy. I’ve worked with Alliance Wireless for years now. My client’s know that my goal is to call them back as quickly as possible. Alliance Wireless helps me keep that commitment.   

When you leave a voice mail for someone, you don’t know when that person is going to get your message. I’ve had clients leave a message with the answering service, in turn the message is e-mailed to my phone and I’m able to call them back within a few minutes. The client’s response is: “Wow! How did you get that message so fast?”

You also want to answer their inquires as quickly as possible because they might be prospecting and they might just go with the first person that answers their question.

Absolutely, the early bird gets the worm and the most effective business person earns the business.  

Right, that’s very true. Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Until March of this year my business was out of the home and that meant that the business phone number was also our home number. At an early age we taught our children to memorize our phone number. Then in 2006 we took a family trip to Walt Disney World in Florida. When we were down in Disney, Alliance was answering our phones for the business. We told our kids, if you ever get separated you must find a Disney World employee and tell them our phone number. I explained that by calling our phone number Alliance will  (because I had arranged it ahead of time) call my cell phone and tell me where you are. Now luckily we didn’t have to use it, but it was nice to know we had a back-up plan if we did get separated for some reason.  

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