Call Center Answering Services for Elevators

Emergency Elevator Answering Services

Get a service that knows their stuff!

Find an answering service that specializes in handling elevator related calls. Call Specialists need to answer the call,elevator-alliance-wireless confirm the facts, get the information to the right people, and do it fast! Whether you need customized emergency call out procedures, or the ability for operators to facilitate a service booking, they should be able to handle it all.

Some examples being:

  • Emergency Entrapment Calls
  • Service and Maintenance Calls
  • After Hours Emergency Calls

How emergency calls are handled

When someone is in need of assistance – they’re trapped inside an elevator for example – they will locate the Emergency call button and a call is sent to the answering service. From there, the Call Specialist asks the caller what their emergency is and then proceeds to dispatch whomever your elevator service has designated the receiver be for this particular call. Perhaps you’d like the fire department dispatched or service/maintenance personnel.
Details about where the call is coming from (address, elevator number, etc.) can be sent directly to the building superintendent or anyone who is managing the elevator.

Back-up measures are key to an uninterrupted service 

Since power outages and other natural disasters don’t operate on a schedule, you need to make sure your customers can get through to someone if there is an emergency such as Elevator Entrapment. Most telephone answering services have back-up measures to ensure call service is not interrupted and customers can get through 24/7 no matter what. Uninterrupted Power Supplies (UPS), propane powered generators, mirrored hardware and data back-ups are just a few back-up measures that telephone answering services employ. 

An answering service can be an excellent extension to your business and properly trained Call Specialists will form a positive first impression and set the tone for a happy, healthy client relationship! 


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