CAM-X Award of Excellence Winners

I am proud to announce that Alliance Wireless Communications has once again Won the CAM-X Award of Excellence. For the 12th straight year!  The Canadian Call Management Association (CAM-X) Award of Excellence program focuses on customer relationship management (CRM), courtesy, etiquette, and professional call handling.(  It also contains a WOW factor that acknowledges operators that go above and beyond expectations when taking calls.

This program has set the bar in regards to how this industry runs their businesses.  I know that we base all of our internal quality control on the criteria that CAM-X created and that many other organizations do as well.  It is now a minimum standard in my organization, and my team expects to be in the 95 percentile of all the companies that participate.  We also use it as a quantitative tool to measure our operator of the year, in conjunction with our qualitative feed back from team leaders and other team members.

Winning this award every year is extremely rewarding.  It ensures we are giving our clients the top level of answering service we can provide and acts as a measuring stick of how we are doing.  I would like to congratulate my team on winning the award yet again.

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