CAM-X Criteria: Why It’s Important to an Answering Service

Mystery Calls are the True Measure of Quality Service

CAM-X conducts mystery calls on an answering service’s clients lines to evaluate the call service. Answering services2013-Award-of-Excellence-CAM-X-alliance-wireless-communications are judged in areas such as courtesy, response time, accuracy, professionalism and overall knowledge of the account.

The Award of Excellence is presented annually to answering services that score 80% or higher on all the criteria listed above. explains that: “the Award of Excellence program is a ‘mystery caller’ program that offers CAM-X members the opportunity to have their call centre agents evaluated by an independent panel of judges, over a 6-month period. The mystery callers will conduct a test call based on the client profile information members provide when registering to participate in the program.

At the completion of the program, two independent judges will listen to the call recordings and assess a score based on a pre-determined point scoring process. Only companies who achieve an overall score of 80 percent or higher will receive the Award of Excellence, presented at the CAM-X Annual Convention & Trade Show.

Test callers will use client profiles with local street addresses and telephone exchanges to make believable calls:

  • They will not lead the agent making a call too easy
  • They will not be deliberately difficult as a caller
  • Their goal is to sound like a typical caller”

CAM-X are essentially the “mystery shoppers” of the telephone answering service industry. If you want to find the true measure of the quality of customer service an answering service can provide, simply check to see if they’ve won any awards from CAM-X.

Alliance Wireless was awarded the prestigious CAM-X National ‘DIAMOND+ AWARD’ (October 2013) for outstanding Call Center Service for 14 consecutive years.

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