Debunked: Top Myths About a Virtual Receptionist

How a Virtual Receptionist is Perfect for Your Small Business 

As a busy small business owner, sitting around and waiting for the phone to ring so you can take the calls doesn’t virtual-receptionsts-help-small-businesses-alliance-wireless-communicationsmake a lot of sense. You need to be out in the field with your clients or working on getting new clients in the door.

Paying a receptionist to sit in your office space, though, especially if you’re a very small operation, just doesn’t work financially. You’ll be spending a lot more than necessary and your receptionist won’t be doing much most of the day. That’s where a virtual receptionist can help. You’ve probably heard about virtual receptionists before, and you might even have heard some negative myths.

Keep reading to learn more about using a virtual receptionist and why many complaints about them are simply incorrect.

Myth #1: Virtual Receptionists Are Expensive

In order to get a virtual receptionist, you will have to pay for one. This isn’t in doubt. However, the cost you pay is a whole lot lower than what you would pay a receptionist to sit at a desk in your office. You also keep from losing customers who call after hours or can’t reach you during the day. When those customers go to your competitors, you’ll be out a lot more money in the long run.

Myth #2: Virtual Receptionists Can’t Make Appointments

There’s a myth that virtual receptionists are unable to handle schedules or make basic appointments. This is not the case if you hire the right service. In fact, relaying appointment requests between the client and business owner is one of the most important things a virtual receptionist will do for you.

Myth #3: Virtual Receptionists Will Lose Sales

Virtual receptionists are well-trained in dealing with customers, but some small business owners with negative experiences will tell you they’ve lost sales because of them. The fact is that a virtual receptionist can do absolutely everything a live office receptionist can. In fact, they generally have better training and know how to handle even irate customers without breaking a sweat.

Myth #4: All Virtual Receptionists Are the Same

When you’re looking at virtual receptionists for your office, it’s important to take the time to find the right service for you. Some people will tell you that they’re all the same, but the fact is that each service is different. Look for a company that understands your industry and your needs as a small business client.


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