Guest Blogger Laura Sikorski on Proper Telephone Answering

Back to Telephone Basics for Your Staff

My next few blogs will focus on “Back to Telephone Basics” to share with your staff.back-to-telephone-basics-alliance-wireless-communications

  • Never assume your customers understand what you are saying no matter how plainly, simply or obviously you think you are saying it.
  • Avoid company jargon/terminology as it will confuse your customers.
  • Your customers should get accurate and courteous service from the first person they speak to without needing to talk to anyone else during the call.
  • The telephone is a “power” instrument…you can be very confident since you are only presenting a part of yourself for judgment.
  • It is easier to focus on making your voice work for you rather than pulling together sight, sound, smell and touch.

This week’s question for your employees – Do you know all the features on your telephone/softphone and how to use each one?

Thank you for reading and sharing!

Warmest regards,

Laura Sikorski, Independent Consultant


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