Halloween at an Answering Service

Our Operators Celebrate a Spook-tacular Halloween!

The Legend of the Alliance Wireless Wicked Witch 

The Alliance Wicked Witch is often spoken of but rarley seen. The tales go as far back as 1948, when Alliance first Happy-Halloween-from-Alliance-Wireless-2014came tobe. Some say she is drawn here by the vast amount of CAM-Xand ATSI awards displayed on the walls. You see, she is a witch with excellent taste. She only goes with the best of the best. 

You can see her ghostly image in this rare photo we snapped. A rare sighting indeed. She has come this Halloween to celebrate the achievements of our amazing operators and their award-winning service. Not many have seen her but some say they can hear her cackling through the halls on All Hallows’ Eve.

Have a safe and fun Halloween and if you’re in need of an answering service to help optimize your business, the Alliance team is ready to take your calls muhahahaha!

Pictured from left to right is Jessica, Brina, Sue, Shari and Alisha (front at center).


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