How a Phone Answering Service Can Get You New Customers

3 Ways an Answering Service Can Help Your Business

As a small business owner, spending your valuable time waiting for the phone to ring isn’t a very smart idea. Instead,how-an-answering-service-can-get-you-more-customers-alliance-wireless-communications you should be taking care of the dozens of other things you might need to do on any given day. Hiring an employee you have to pay hourly doesn’t make much sense either. Even minimum wage rates, which won’t get you an excellent receptionist, can cut into the profits of a small business. That’s why many companies turn to a phone answering service.

An answering service is the smart, cost-effective way to have a live person answering your phone. Keep reading to learn how using the right answering service could even help you get new customers for your company.

No More Missed Calls

When a customer picks up the phone and calls you only to get an answering machine, it doesn’t make your company look very professional. Most potential customers are going to hang up and almost immediately dial one of your competitors.

When you have an answering service on your side, you don’t have to worry about calls going to voice mail anymore. You’ll have a real live person answering the phone for you. That’s just one less reason for consumers to work with your competitors instead of you, and that means more customers in your arsenal.

Better Customer Service

Few people are equipped to do a better job selling customers on your company than you. Unfortunately, you can’t be there to answer the phone around the clock even if you want to field every call that comes in.

Your average receptionist just doesn’t have the training to help you make sales. When you hire the right phone answering service, you’ll have skilled representatives that know how to keep customers interested in your business. Don’t you want somebody answering the phone who knows how to make a sale? Find the right answering service and that’s what you’ll get.

Live Answering 24/7

The majority of your calls probably come in during business hours. There are people that work during those hours, as well as individuals who simply wait until you’re closed to try and contact you. If you don’t have somebody to answer the phone, they may just go ahead and call your competitor when they would have hired you. Get a service with 24/7 answering and you won’t lose those customers.


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