How a Telephone Answering Service Helps Contractors

4 Ways a Telephone Answering Service Helps Small Businesses

Running a small business as a contractor often means wearing multiple hats within the same day. In the morninghelping-contractors-alliance-wireless-communications you might be visiting job sites, then meeting with clients around lunchtime, then trying to handle your finances in the afternoon. That’s the life of a small business owner.

One thing you don’t need to be doing is dealing with phone calls all day. That’s where a telephone answering service can become your best ally. Keep reading to learn more about how a professional telephone answering service can help your business.

Focus on Business

As a contractor running a small business, you need to spend your time getting new clients and keeping your current ones happy. That often means making phone calls and sending out what could be a staggering number of e-mails.

It doesn’t mean answering the phone when credit card companies call with special offers or when prospective clients want to inquire about your business. Let a telephone answering service that understands the needs of small contractors handle that end for you.

Appearances Matter

As the owner of a small business, you don’t want to be the one answering the phone. If you have a small staff though, hiring a receptionist may not make a whole lot of financial sense.

Using a professional telephone answering service will give your small company the appearance of being a larger firm. If you do quality work there’s no reason consumers shouldn’t view you as the competent, professional contracting company you are.

On a Job Site?

When you’re out on a job site and nobody is in the office, all of your calls probably roll to voice mail. This looks unprofessional and it might make potential clients turn to your competitors. With an answering service at your disposal you won’t have to worry about that.

After Hours & Emergency Calls

Many potential customers work during the day and can’t contact you during business hours. With a professional answering service, they’ll still be able to reach a live person and schedule appointments.

Emergency calls may not be the bulk of your business, but if a current client or a recent one has an emergency, you better believe they will be calling you. Responding quickly is often very important when you’re a contractor. Having a 24-hour telephone answering service means you don’t have to worry about missing emergency calls—even if they are relatively rare.


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