How to Get the Most Out of Your Small Business Answering Service

4 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Small Business Answering Service 

Small businesses need somebody professional answering the phone. That doesn’t mean you need to be sitting at your6-Cardinal-Rules-of-Customer-Service-Alliance-Wireless-Communications desk waiting for the phone to ring. Hiring a receptionist to wait on phone calls is a waste of your resources as well. If yours is like most small businesses, they would do very little while you pay them an hourly salary every day.

That’s why many small companies turn to a business answering service. They cost less and offer the same perks as a receptionist. How do you make sure you’re getting your money’s worth though? Keep reading to learn more about getting the most out of a business answering service.

Look for Skilled Customer Service Representatives

Not every business answering service is equal, and if you want the best for your company, customer service should be a top priority. Look for a company that trains their employees in dealing with customers. You never know who is going to call you, so having somebody skilled on the line for you is very important. From irate customers to potential new customers, your answering service needs to be able to handle everything.

Do They Understand Your Work?

Finding a business answering service that understands the needs of your customers and how your particular industry works is incredibly important. After all, there’s quite a bit of difference between a company that does HVAC repair and one that manufactures children’s toys. An answering service that doesn’t understand what you do or the ins-and-outs of your business won’t be nearly as helpful as one that does.

Get 24/7 Service

One of the major perks of hiring an answering service is the fact that you can have a live person taking calls for you around the clock. For most businesses, 24/7 service is very helpful. If you deal with a large volume of customers, handle repairs or regularly field calls from customers with emergencies, 24/7 service is essential.

Try Test Calling

It might seem silly, but if you want the best service for your company, try test calling an answering service you hire. Pose as a customer and see how they deal with appointments or situations that have gone wrong. Hiring the right answering service for your business is paramount. With the right person on the line, you’ll keep existing customers happy and likely find yourself with a host of new ones before you know it.


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