How to Transition to an Answering Service

Setting Up Your Answering Service Account!

You’ve made the deal, signed the agreement and have now hired an answering service. Now what? You may havehow-to-transition-to-an-answering-service-alliance-wireless-communications asked yourself this question in past when thinking about hiring an answering service. How is this service going to seamlessly represent me if they don’t know anything about my work?

Answer: Accounts can be customized to suit your every need! 

Here’s how it works at Alliance Wireless:

Step #1 – Receive Your Call Forwarding Number!

Once the contract is received, our Operations Manager will provide our programmers and sales team with a call forwarding number – toll free of course for non-local Clients. If you will be using this toll free number for the purposes of advertising, Alliance will try and find one with similar digits or if you prefer 800 or 877, etc. we can make that happen too! 

Step #2 – Customize Your Account!

A Criteria form will be sent to you to gather specific information about the Company including: staff contact names, numbers and emails, what type of calls we will be getting, what information you want us to collect from the callers, and what you want us to do with the messages after we take them (forward them to your On-Call personnel through SMS text message for example).

EVERYTHING can be personally customized! 
Step #3 – Clarify Information: Perfection is Our Standard!

Once you send the Criteria form back to us (via fax or email) – our programmers will then start programming your account. 

If we have any questions about the information provided (if something is not clear), we will email or call you for clarification. 

Once all of the information and instructions are clear – we then take all of the information provided and put it in a format that our Operators are familiar with.

Step #4 – How the Operators Operate!

For our Operators we create: 

  • A directory of all of your staff and contact methods. 
  • Information pages with information about the company and instructions on what the Operators should do with the calls – usually based on the “type” of call (non-urgent/office-related calls like billing and invoicing, urgent/emergency calls, etc.). 
  • A script/message form for the Operators to follow when taking a message, which prompts the Operator to get the correct information from the Caller and what they should say. (Opening phrases, questions and closing statements). 

Step #5 – The Finishing Touches!

Once we have finished setting up your account, we send you a word document with all of the information we have put in the account for you to review everything before your line goes live.

This document contains:

  • A copy of the directory with all contact names and numbers.
  • A copy of the information pages and instructions – reworded to a format the Operators are familiar with and samples of what the messages will actually look like when they received them. This way if we have misunderstood anything on the Criteria form, you have a chance to let us know before your line goes live. 

Once you have confirmed that everything is satisfactory, we will activate the account, test the number to make sure it is fully functional and put a note in for all of our Operators to review your account BEFORE it goes live. If our Operators have any questions about it, they will then go to our Training Supervisor and she will go over the account one on one with them. 
Once we are ready, we will let you know and turn the line on. You are then free to forward calls anytime and contact us if any changes to the instructions are required along the way.  

We usually request only 2-3 business days to complete everything (programming and operator training), once the Criteria form is returned to us.


And there you have it! All the steps involved in creating your highly customized answering account with Alliance Wireless. Our team of professionals will work with you to provide customized Business Answering Service and Telephone Answering Service Solutions to match all of your company’s communications needs. Alliance Wireless’s customer service representatives will professionally handle all of your calls, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We are your Telephone Answering Service!

Try our service absolutely FREE with No Obligation to commit!


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