The Human Touch: Why Connections are Essential to Your Customers

3 Reasons Why Connections With a Real Human Being are Essential to Your Customers

Small business owners know that without their loyal customers, they wouldn’t be able to stay in business for very TELEPHONE-OPERATORS-alliance-wireless-communicationslong. New customers are also important to any small business. After all, you won’t be able to grow or expand without building your customer base.

If you want to keep your current customers happy and build new ones, you might be thinking about social media marketing, online advertising or even promotional mailers. All of those can be beneficial, but they leave one essential thing out — a connection with a real human being. Simply having a real person on the end of the line via an answering service might be able to help you do that.

The Digital Age

Consumers rely heavily on the internet to reach the businesses they buy from. In today’s economy, it’s not at all uncommon for a regular consumer to shop for a product online, buy the product, and receive it at home without speaking to a single person about it. Even if a buyer does have an issue or a question, these are often handled through email or website submission forms.

While online buying is efficient for consumers and cost-effective for small businesses, it does take out the personal relationship between a seller and a buyer almost completely. In the long-run, that can lead to consumers seeing your company as a faceless entity, not a small business run by real people just like them. It pays to have live voices ready to speak to customers instead of relying on the internet.

Put a Voice and Face to Your Name

Most consumers think of big box stores as faceless corporations that they owe very little loyalty to. Small businesses are different and if you want repeat customers, you need to make sure your customers know that you’re not one of the big stores that does not care about the people buying from them. To do that, you need to create real human connections and put a voice and face to your company name. If you’re struggling to keep up with calls, or customer service isn’t your strong suit, try a professional answering service that can handle the bulk of your calls, and you can handle only those that need your personal expertise.

How Can You Forge Connections?

One of the best ways to forge connections is to use real live people to answer your phone. However, you don’t need a dedicated receptionist with a salary. For most small businesses, answering services are an ideal solution because you can get the service you need. You can even have around the clock call answering to help build connections anytime a customer dials your number.


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