It’s Time to Hang Up on Voice Mail

Is voice mail negatively impacting your productivity?

No doubt your receptionist does an excellent job but there is a limit to what one receptionist can do. Calls will Reasons-I-Check-My-Voice-Mail-alliance-wireless-communicationsinevitability be missed getting diverted to voice mail, which is something the average client detests. However, we’re talking about regular business hours but what about after hours?

Imagine having a live, personable secretary who never sleeps, never takes vacations, never takes lunch breaks and never calls in sick. Employing a 24/7 virtual receptionist that is fully trained with proper scripting can provide a seamless customer service experience and you only pay for the times when they are actually working on your behalf.

What about the times when the phone lines are down? We all know natural disasters happen and they could last for hours, days and even weeks. Having an answering service with multiple back up measures in place will keep you operational regardless of what’s happening outdoors.

Voice mail can not only frustrate your clients, you could also lose them and potential new business. Hiring a reputable answering service means your business can be open 24/7 365 days a year! 

Never miss a sales call again!


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