How a Live Answering Service Can Save Your Inbound Sales

3 Ways a Live Answering Service Can Help Save Inbound Sales

Customers that pick up the phone to call your company and buy a product keep your business going strong. For the live-answering-service-alliance-wireless-communicationsmost part, these aren’t customers you have to do a lot of work to sell to either. After all, they’re reaching out to you because they’re interested in your product or brand.

How that customer is handled on the phone can drive potential buyers away though. Keep reading to learn more about how a live answering service with well-trained representatives can help save inbound sales that might otherwise be lost.

Customers Hate Voicemail

As a consumer, nothing is quite as frustrating as calling a company during business hours only to reach a recording or an out-of-office message. When you’re ready to spend your money on a product and the company can’t be bothered to answer the phone, don’t you consider shopping elsewhere?

Consumers hate getting a company’s voicemail, and in many cases, they’ll end up calling your competitor instead of leaving a message. The more calls go to voicemail, the more customers and sales you’re going to lose.

No More Hang-Ups

When a potential customer calls your company to learn more about a product or place an order they aren’t going to wait around on hold forever. In fact, some surveys report that more than half of all consumers will hang up the phone if they don’t get to a live person when they call.

Do you want to lose customers that otherwise would have purchased your product just because your calls rolled to voicemail or wait times were too long? Hire a live answering service that won’t put your customers on hold and leave them there to see your sales grow.

24/7 Answering

You and your team can’t man the phones 24 hours per day, seven days per week. You have to sleep and go home once in a while. When you hire a live answering service, though, a real person can be there to answer the telephone whenever a customer calls.

For your business, that means no more voicemail or phone calls where the customer hangs up the phone unsatisfied and no longer interested in your company. When you have a live answering service that can take calls 24/7, you’ll build brand loyalty and make more sales in the process.


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