The Popularity of Click-to-Call Means Busier Phones: 3 Ways to Prepare

The Popularity of Click-to-Call Means Busier Phones: Are You Ready?

Most of us have seen that little phone icon on a web page of a mobile site, allowing users to simply click and place a MULTIPLE-PHONES-alliance-wireless-communicationsphone call to a business. Click-to-call buttons aren’t really anything new for a generation of consumers who grew up with social media, but with Facebook and Google targeting this market — estimated at a worth of about $4 billion — more and more users are going to be trying out and relying on the click-to-call feature in the coming months and years.

More incoming calls is generally a good thing for business, but if you’re not prepared for the increase in call volume, your company could miss out on profits.

More Calls, More Business

As a small business owner, the idea of more new customers calling your business should be one that makes you pretty happy. After all, the more potential customers that reach out to you, the more chances you’ll have to turn those calls into profits for your company.

Having more calls coming in could mean more business for you, but if you’re not prepared for it, you could end up driving potential customers away. In that case, you’ll actually be losing business while others more equipped for the increase in call volume pick up your crumbs.

Long Wait Times

Another major problem with more incoming calls, at least for small businesses, is the possibility of creating long wait times for potential customers. At the very least, long wait times will annoy potential customers and make them think about going elsewhere. At worst, customers will hang up before you even have a chance to engage them and never return to your business again.

Don’t let long wait times keep you from turning calls into cash. Those long wait times can even create some negative word of mouth for your company when those aggravated customers tell their friends how bad your customer service is.

Handle Incoming Calls Properly

To cash in on more incoming phone calls, you need to be able to handle the volume the right way. That means having enough people available to answer the phone for you without creating 20-minute wait times. One of the best ways for small business owners to do that is to hire an outside answering service. After all, you can’t pay 10 receptionists, but you can still afford to have calls answered by professionals.


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