After Hours Customer Service

Telephone Answering Services – After Hours Customer Service

Customized accounts and unlimited amounts of information allow our Customer Service Representatives the ability to assist your callers after hours. Calls can be screened, necessary information secured and dispatched to appropriate personnel if required. Additionally, all calls are recorded and available for verification in the event surcharges need to be relayed prior to reaching your on-call.

Alliance Communications after hours customer service allows your calls to be carefully screened as outlined by you when you are out of the office. If the call is of an urgent nature or needs immediate attention we will promptly notify your on-call staff via phone, email or text with a confirmation reply. If the call is of an non-urgent nature, the caller will be advised of your office hours and informed that a representative will be contacting them the next business day. Your office will then receive a morning email recap of all activity at your preferred time allowing you to follow up with your staff and/or client.


Call Screening

Calls can also be screened at your office or our location via a voice mail system. The caller reaches a recording which prompts them to hit ‘0’ to speak to an Operator right away in the event their call needs immediate attention. The call is then routed to the toll free # at our service assigned to your account and the Operator acts under your exact instructions.


Simple Solution

Or simply advertise the toll free # we assign you on your voice mail as an After Hours Emergency Line. The caller has the option of leaving a message or calling one of our trained operators to assist with their requirements.


Competitive Advantage

Gain the competitive advantage using our call center services and offer 24 hour service to your clients, attract new clients and provide exceptional service with Alliance Wireless Communication’s 24 hour professional support staff!


Worry Free

Whatever your after hours needs are, Alliance Wireless customer service representatives will handle your calls in a professional and efficient manner.

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