Voicemail services

Additional features such as voicemail may be added onto your Alliance Communications call services. Integrated with your telephone answering service or stand alone our voicemail system offers many advanced features to help you handle your calls. While similar to an answering machine voicemail gives you many more features to enhance the way you receive your messages, it can be enabled to route calls.

Custom greetings

The Alliance voicemail service includes a simple audio based interface that allows you to create your own greeting messages as well as menu options. The system is very flexible and even allows you to create a custom message for when you are on holidays or away and unable to handle your messages allowing you to keep your primary message intact.

Menu based mail boxes

If you are looking for a tiered response voicemail system we have your covered the we can implement multi level voicemail boxes ( press 1 for Sales, press 2 for service etc).

Flexible notification

Unlike an answering machine we can let you know there is a message waiting whether by email fax, pager, or text message. Our system can even send you the message as an MP3 audio file to your email or phone.

Operator revert

Some people just don’t want to leave a message with a machine and for this you can set up a voicemail that allows your caller to hit “0” transferring the call to one of our live operators.

Fax service

If you need more of a virtual office we can even accept faxes on your voicemail and ship them to you by email.

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