Top 6 Benefits of Call Recordings

The Importance of Call Recordings

Call recordings are a necessity for any business and are especially necessary for any telephone answering service. answering-services-are-still-relevant-alliance-wireless-communicationsThere are numerous benefits to call recordings. It’s important to make sure that your answering service offers call recordings and that you are taking full advantage of all the features they have to offer.


Your answering service should be recording all calls received for your business and making them easily accessible to you. Digital recordings should be made available online, so you can log in whenever you want and listen to any call you please. In this way, your answering service is completely transparent which is important for you to make sure your customers are treated well and for you to evaluate if your service is right for your business and if you’re getting the best service for your money.


It’s important to make sure you ask your answering service about their telephone operator training. How are they trained? What criteria are they measured on? How often are they evaluated? At Alliance Wireless for example, all operators must complete an extensive training program followed by close supervision for the first three months. They are evaluated in areas such as typing, spelling, grammar and comprehension abilities. Monitoring of call recordings by upper management continues on a daily basis to ensure our high standards are always maintained. 

Call recordings are an excellent way for an answering service management team to review call operator performances internally. These evaluations will define an answering service’s level of performance which will provide you with insight about the level of service your business’s customers will receive. 

Quality Assurance

Not only are call recordings good for your answering service’s internal quality assurance but they’re also beneficial to your business’s quality service standards. When you listen to your service’s call recordings, you can evaluate whether or not their operators are representing your business in a way that meets your customer service standards. Remember, your customers won’t know the difference between the answering service operator and your business staff (this is meant to be seamless). Therefore, if your answering service operators are not performing well, that will reflect poorly on your business, effectively costing you money. It’s important to have peace-of-mind knowing that your callers are being taken care of in a professional manner, the same way you would.


Call recordings provide a back-up for your records in case there are any discrepancies that may arise and those phone calls need to be referenced. Perhaps your answering service is handling online product orders and there’s a discrepancy in whether or not a customer paid for the product. Perhaps you work in the legal system or financial sector where dealing with sensitive and confidential information is simply part of your job and you need to ensure that information is treated as such. Call recordings are an excellent way to protect yourself, your business and your customers.


Your answering service account is customized with a script that the operators follow that you design. Call recordings can provide you with the opportunity to fine-tune your scripting and make changes to it in order to refine your customer service strategy.


Your business can be optimized with increased customer satisfaction with the use of call recordings capturing every operator-customer transaction. With the customer service standards being evaluated by both your answering service and your business, sales will increase as more customers can be served with the same level of professionalism that your staff practice everyday.

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