What to Avoid When Hiring a Virtual Receptionist

4 Things to Avoid When Hiring a Virtual Receptionist

Hiring somebody full-time to handle phone calls for your small business may not make financial sense. After all,Bad-Phone-Etiquette-Habits-Alliance-Wireless-communications what is that receptionist going to do when they’re not on the phone? That’s why many small businesses turn to a virtual receptionist service. Costs are greatly reduced and you can get 24/7 service. That doesn’t mean that all virtual receptionists are the same. Use this guide to learn more about what you should avoid when hiring one for your business.

Lack of Support

Any service you hire should be available to answer questions and solve problems for you—their customer—when it’s convenient for you. A virtual reception service that doesn’t have quality customer support is not one that you should be working with.

No Call Recording

If you want the best possible service for your customers, chances are you’re going to want to hear calls from time to time. Some virtual receptionist services won’t record phone interactions and provide them for customers. This lack of transparency almost ensures that the company is using untrained representatives that aren’t well-versed in the rules of customer service.

Inexperienced Customer Service Representatives  

No matter what type of work you do, from running a dentist’s office to construction, the customers who pay for your goods or services are the lifeblood of your company. So why would you let customer service representatives with no training be their first introduction to your business?

When you’re looking to hire a virtual receptionist, make sure you ask about training and skills that all customer service representatives get before they go to work answering the phones. Poorly trained customer service representatives will lose sales, mess up appointments and drive irritated or irate customers right to your competition.

Unclear Billing

When you’re paying for a virtual receptionist to handle customer calls for you, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to get a clear, easy to understand price for services rendered.  If you’re considering working with a company and they can’t quickly explain their pricing structure, you need to find somebody else to work with.

You should also get a clear bill each month that explains why you’re being charged what you’re being charged.

Hiring a virtual receptionist can be very beneficial for small businesses, but you need to hire the right one. Avoid these common pitfalls and you’ll find your business is better off.


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