Why the Dream Home Lottery Uses an Answering Service for Fundraising

Ryan Hanes, Chair of the Kinsmen Dream Home Lottery Discusses Why the Organization Uses a Live Answering Service for Fundraising

I recently spoke with Ryan Hanes of the Kinsmen Dream Home Lottery, a client of Alliance Wireless. Our operatorsalliance-wireless-communications-logo provide our Fundraising service to the organization.

1) What is your job position with Kinsmen Dream Home Lottery?

This is my 4th year as the Chair of the Kinsmen Dream Home Lottery.

2) Why do you do what you do?

As a Real Estate Agent I feel like the City of Kingston has provided me and my family with so many wonderful opportunities and privileges that any chance to give back and try to help where it is needed is natural.

3) What motivates you?

Seeing the impact that our donations have, visiting the staff at KGH, seeing the kids we send to camp flourish, it is an amazing feeling and I am so lucky to have that opportunity.

4) What are some of the challenges you face regularly at your job?

The licensing process is quite onerous and the rules and regulations put in place are designed for much bigger operations than ours. As a club we only have 10 members so the time commitment for something like this is substantial.

5) How has Alliance Wireless been able to help the organization?

The answering service has been in place as long as I have been involved. We do a large portion of our sales by telephone through Alliance and there is no way we would have enjoyed the success we have without their support. The thing I have most appreciated is that the staff at Alliance respond immediately to our evolving needs.


Professional Representation

We work closely with our organizations to ensure we are up to date on events and all advertising that will generate a large volume of calls while carefully monitoring staff levels. We will represent your company professionally and will provide you with the support you need to get the results you need.

Donation Processing

We can process donations directly off your web site or via a customized pledge form in addition to ensuring you are on the most cost effective rate plan. Alliance will also track donations to determine valuable stats to aid in future campaigns.

Professional Operators

With Alliance Wireless you will receive expert representation from operators that will greet your sponsors in a professional, warm manner 24 hours a day 7 days a week ensuring maximum success!


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