Virtual Receptionist Services

Established in 1948, we are one of the first companies to offer virtual receptionist services to North American businesses. Our Call Agents can act as your personal receptionists, answering your calls via a virtual phone number and relaying all messages to you.

Where we help?

  • 24/7 live coverage from our professional team. We work around the clock to ensure no calls are missed.
  • A diverse skill set that comes from representing clients from A to Z, including property management, plumbers, medical offices, lawyers, funeral professionals and managed IT companies. We have experience in nearly every industry.
  • Fully trained and friendly telephone receptionists, who know how to politely answer phones, on time and with an unmatched professionalism.
  • A dedicated account manager you can trust. Any questions? Your Account Manager is always at hand to ensure smooth service between your office and ours.
  • Service that is uniquely tailored to your business needs, no matter how big or small you are. There’s no limit to the volume of calls we can answer.

Message Taking Service

Telephone answering is just the beginning of our award-winning message taking service. Once your calls are answered, they will be dispatched with quickly and accurately by one of our Call Agents, who act as an extension of your office. Whatever your customers say, they will be met with politeness and empathy by our professional Agents. You don’t have to worry about missed calls or an unprofessional exchange with a potential client.

You are in control of how we take all messages on your behalf. For example, this can be when you’re away on holidays, after-hours call support, or busy on another call. You can relax and concentrate on what you need to do, safe in the knowledge that your calls will always be handled professionally.

Emergency Response 24/7 Every Day

Does your business need out of office hours coverage to ensure no calls are missed? Our 24 hour emergency response service is ideal for you. We will ensure that the escalation process is managed quickly and efficiently in accordance to your unique instructions.

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