Centralized Accounts

Alliance Wireless Call Center can be your centralized solution if you have two locations or if you have multiple locations throughout North America. One toll free # will allow you to connect all your locations to our award winning team who will determine where the call will be dispatched via geographical boundaries, zip/postal codes or area codes. Each location will be alphabetized and customized with all contact names, phone #’s and on-call procedures.

Time Sensitive Solutions

Daily reporting for each location will be provided according to time zones in addition to the option of centralized reporting.

Customized Solutions

If you prefer to have each location handled separately, volume rates will be provided which will include a set # of minutes based on individual requirements. Each location will be assigned a separate toll free # so all information stays within their file and is kept confidential.

Part of Your Team

Centralized telephone answering generally involves a large majority of your staff members that you need to stay positive and focused without the added issues of an after hours answering provider . You will be confident with Alliance Wireless knowing that we are a part of your team working towards the same common goal, taking care of your callers with the attention to detail and high standards that they are accustomed to!

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