Forms Processing/Scripted Surveys

Whether you need leads qualified through a series of scripted questions or want to determine if your potential new client meets necessary criteria, our call center operators can get accurate results to you immediately allowing your staff more time for sales.

Call Triage and Screening

Potential leads can be rated by a pre-determined scale. Your sales team will have more time for selling in addition to being able to prioritize and act on the hot leads right away.

Sales Verification

Alliance can also act as an outside party for your sales team that are out in the field that require verification on individuals switching from a service provider. We will provide a 24 hr toll free # that your staff can call while they are with their client to confirm they have agreed to the sale. All calls are digitally recorded and kept on file for future reference.

Increased Success

Sales and customer acquisition are the key to a successful business, but just as important are the people that answer your phone. Alliance Wireless is here to help with your success, one call at a time!

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