Raffle Ticket Sales

Results show that not everyone wants to buy a ticket on-line, do not have access to on-line ordering, get confused or worry about security issues. Alliance Wireless has a vast amount of experience and success with processing & increasing ticket orders for major raffles throughout North America. At Alliance we understand how vital your ticket sales are and what every donation means.

Saleable Solution

Our Operators are able to handle multiple lines eliminating frustrating busy signals, hold times and the chance of your callers hanging up. We keep in constant communication with our clients to ensure we are fully prepared for peak periods/early bird draws, bringing in additional staff to accommodate higher call volumes.

We are ready to take your calls

All rules and regulations are relayed to your caller with digital call recordings for back up measures. Our operators are educated and equipped with prize lists, deadlines & ticket stats allowing your callers to have the same experience they would from someone within your organization.

Effective Order Processing

Your orders will be processed in a timely manner with a confirmation # and your callers will have the satisfaction, peace of mind & respect they deserve when supporting your cause. The personal touch, 24 hour availability and pleasant experience with Alliance Wireless Customer Service Representative’s will be instrumental in your continued success!

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