Reservations & Appointment Scheduling

Call Center Service – Reservations & Appointment Scheduling

Have you ever called someone back only to hear they have booked with someone else? Our highly trained operators can schedule appointments for any type of business from Physician’s offices to real estate offices to large conferences and seminars.

Meeting your needs

When your line rings we automatically connect to your web based system and book through your customized solution eliminating any chance of double bookings or appointments outside your working hours. We can immediately notify you of any appointments or cancellations via email/ text or a direct call. All cancellation polices will be relayed and calls are digitally recorded and available for verification purposes.

Operators are standing by

Do you have an upcoming seminar or convention and not certain of response? Alliance Wireless Operators are standing by to assist your callers and ensure maximum attendance. Call volume too large? Alliance Wireless’ will provide sufficient staff levels to handle expected volume for a fraction of what it would cost to hire someone in-house.

Attention to detail

We work closely with you to ensure we have all event details, marketing material and all FAQ’s that an internal employee would. With our attention to detail your callers will never know that it is Alliance Wireless!

Cost effective Solution

Whether your clients are calling after hours or you are unable to handle the capacity, Alliance Wireless is a professional, efficient and cost effective solution for all your scheduling needs.

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