Telephone Answering Service

We get your calls 24/7

At Alliance, we are in business to provide the necessary tools to enable you to operate and serve your clients as effectively as possible and to your ultimate capacity. Our Telephone Answering Serviceis completely automated with sophisticated software that allows us to effectively and efficiently handle all incoming calls. Many people will not or do not like talking to an answering machine. A live Telephone Answering Service will enhance your image and increase your business by utilizing a professional Telephone Receptionist to take your calls and deliver them according to your directions. By having your Telephones Answered 24 hours a day 7 days a week, you are telling your current and potential customers that you take their needs seriously. Do not take a chance on hang ups again; your phone will not work for you unless it is answered.

Virtual Receptionists

Professional Answering and customized solutions allow for a seamless transfer of your calls to Alliance Wireless. We are your specialized receptionist 24/7 with immediate message notification via email, text, phone or scheduled recaps. We can take your calls during regular business hours, after hours, during busy periods or 24/7 and you only pay when your line rings! With all your details available at our fingertips we can do everything but serve you a cup of coffee!

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After Hours Customer Service

Customized accounts and unlimited amounts of information allow our Customer Service Representatives the ability to assist your callers after hours. Calls can be screened, necessary information secured and dispatched to appropriate personnel if required. Additionally, Our Telephone Answering Service records all calls which are available for verification in the event surcharges need to be relayed prior to reaching your on-call;

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Emergency Response

Give your customers peace of mind and let them know that you are available 24/7 if they need you. Calls can be screened by our Operators or you can advertise our toll free # as your After Hours Emergency Line.

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Employee Absentee Reporting

Staff members call in at the last minute to say they cannot make it to work? Advertise an internal 24 toll free # so we can advise necessary personnel and call a scheduling list. Employees will be provided their message # for their own back up measures. We have it covered before you get to the office!

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Unable to answer as your staff are assisting callers on the other line, call forward/no answer after a pre-determined ring will route your line into our toll free number 24/7. All lines being utilized and your clients can’t get through? Call forward/busy will eliminate these frustrating busy signals and potential lost calls.

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Employee Check In Lines

Schedule security check in times for employees that work alone to ensure their safety in addition to conforming to general safety regulations.
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Toll Free Services

Exclusive Toll free telephone numbers that work throughout North America are provided for call forwarding purposes to avoid long distance fees from your location to ours with the option of advertising this number at no additional cost. Vanity numbers can also be investigated.
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