Emergency Response

Give your customers peace of mind and let them know that you are available 24/7 if they need you. Calls can be screened by our Operators or you can advertise our toll free # as your After Hours Emergency Line.

Alliance Communications Emergency Response call service offers 24/7 peace of mind. Increase your customer service levels, handle emergencies and let us triage your after hours calls. Whether you require basic level one support or a friendly voice to let your customers know you care, Alliance has the solution.

Call Screening

Not every call is a real emergency. Alliance can screen calls at your office or our location via a voice mail system. The caller reaches a recording which prompts them to hit ‘0’ to speak to an Operator right away in the event their call needs immediate attention. The call is then routed to the toll free # at our service assigned to your account and the Operator acts under your exact instructions.

Call Triage

Important calls need never wait, with the ability to patch live calls to your cell or dispatch emergency calls using SMS or email and a confirmation period. You have complete control of your calls and can choose to handle them as required. Think of Alliance as a triage for your calls, allowing you the convenience of handling urgent calls when you are truly needed.

Level 1 Support

Basic trouble shooting or client instruction can be handled by alliance through the use of call scripting. In many cases we are able to develop simple scripts or logic charts with our clients to help us step your callers through tested resolutions for recurring client issues.

Competitive Advantage

Gain the competitive advantage using our call center services and offer 24 hour service to your clients, attract new clients and provide exceptional service with Alliance Wireless Communication’s 24 hour professional support staff!

Worry Free

What ever the emergency, Alliance customer service representatives are trained to handle your calls in a professional and efficient manner.

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